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I hunger for 'The Hunger Games'

I do believe I've found my newest interest. Though I can't be 100% sure because I only saw the movie yesterday and I have not read the book. But I like to think that a true testament to a good movie based on other source material is how understandable and enjoyable it is even to newcomers. Wikipedia and Google gave me the basics of the book plot and you can probably tell what's coming...

Yes it's one of those long reviews I like to give about fandoms that interest me. I would consider it penance for my long absence from LJ, you know, if I didn't like to type so much. I hope this will interest even one person who wonders what someone who hasn't read the book but did see the movie, thought of it.

Let's get the bad out of the way first.


- Text Intro (and other text).
I'll just say it right now, this is more of a personal issue. Ever since 'The Last Airbender' live action movie adaptation of a brilliant cartoon, I've had a terrible fear of text in the opening scene. Or maybe it's just a bitter distaste but fear sounds much more appropriate for the "epicness" of the Hunger Games. Though I'm glad the text is short and there's no narration, the following scenes afterward with a mutely-colored village, gave me some serious 'Last Airbender' Earth Kingdom/Northern Watertribe flashbacks. I'll be so happy when 'The Legend of Korra' comes out to dull the memories. As for the text in the corner that identified "District 12", to me it was a bit glaring and out of place. Couldn't they have a banner on the stage or some signs within the town scenes identifying this district as well as the later "District 11"?

- Shaky Cam.
So much shaky cam! I think the effect they were going for was the confusion and frenzy of war, like 'Saving Private Ryan' but that might be a bit overkill for the majority of teenagers who see this (I know many adults enjoy this but still, you gotta look at the main audience). There were some points in the District 12 town scenes where I had to turn away because it was making me dizzy (and we weren't even at the fighting scenes yet!) When the Games actually start, all that blurry shaky cam really ruined the action. The director could've struck a better balance between atmospheric jitteryness and quick but clear shots of the contestants fighting. Nothing's worse than missing out on some action because you're motion sick in your own theater chair. The only time it would've been appropriate and even effectual to shaky cam the hell out of a scene was after the female protagonist got stung by some weird hallucinogenic bees but since they used shaky cam so much previously, they had to ramp it up by putting weird motion effects and ghosting jump cuts... which leads me to my next point.

- Odd Cuts.
I'm being nitpicky about the technical stuff, I know, but when else can I call upon my artsy fartsy scholarly film knowledge? There's something called the "180 degree rule" where a scene is filmed from one side, especially if there's people in it. An example is if you have Person A, on the left, talking to Person B, on the right. It's confusing to the brain when, all of a sudden, Person A is on the right and Person B is on the left because the camera is now "looking at them" from the other side of the room. You can find out more by Googling it. Now, I get that it's probably, once again, more of a stylistic choice on the director's part but his splicing and cuts kind of threw me at first. The blue flashback cuts also come to mind for the non-180 degree rule-breaking. Now, I've seen this flashback cut technique done really nicely in a beloved television show (*coughCommunitycough*). I assume it's a flashback scene because it's melancholy blue with rain and it seems to imply the the protagonist, Katniss, has seen/encountered the male lead, Peeta, sometime before they were chosen for the Games. Don't know if it was a week prior or maybe even longer; I just know it was raining hard and bits of that flashback were put in every time Katniss and Peeta have a moment, sorta. The director could've definitely presented the short, wordless flashback as one scene or at least spaced it closer together.

Now for the flip side.


- Atmosphere/Emotion.
I must admit, after getting over the screen having a seizure, I initially thought to myself that the village parts were slowing down the movie. Wasn't this supposed to be about a frenzied, sadistic hunting Battle Royale? (Not to be confused with the movie many internet people like to say the 'Hunger Games' plagiarized.) But rethinking it, I do sort of like those grim, District 12 town scenes, especially cut between the field/forest scenes. When the kids where marched to the town's square I was reminded of 'The Lottery', an equally bleak short story which has no flashy, futuristic Capitol to liven things up later. And even in the Capitol, for all it's bright colors and nifty gadgets, we get some serious quiet moments and reflection. The sadness and senselessness of it all was handled the best; I was actually choked up when Katniss's little ally was killed by that spear (I probably should've warned about spoilers.). The uprising in District 11 was one of the few fantastic uses of shaky cam because I don't think it was used too much and it lended to the anger and frenzy a young death can bring. Even the more positive emotions, which were much more sparse than the heavier, sad ones, came through very well on the screen.

- Characters.
Emotion of a movie is only as effective as the actors/characters who can pull them off. Sure, they can play haunting lyrical music over slow-mo scenes and position innocent children haphazardly around a field for that extra punch in the gut, but it's the wavering eyes on an otherwise stoic young girl, the significant window-side speeches, or the laughs drawn from a quirky little tree-climbing girl that brings the most emotion and gets us invested. (In fact, the entire audience, myself included, broke into applause when the District 11 boy killed that cruel knife-throwing girl to avenge the death of that petite District 11 climber. It was awesome for so many reasons.) What I was most proud and impressed to see was such a great, different leading lady in an fantasy, action-type flick. She projects serious certainty but we see moments where she's so afraid, she's actually trembling. Both male co-stars had some great scenes despite not having too much screentime with Katniss (Gale having less so than baker-boy Peeta). I liked how Gale really projects his feelings with his eyes but Peeta has really got a way with words. I can only imagine how these characters come across in the book which brings me to...

- Plot/Story.
Can I really comment on a story when I didn't read the book? That's like critiquing a painting with one eye covered but I like to go with what an old professor told me and separate the movie from the book as if they're two different versions of the same story. The basic plot they were trying to get across was very interesting to me. The idea of a dystopian future on the verge of rebellion. The brave, spirited heroine who's also young and human. It's good though it borders on cliché, or it would, if not for the wildcard of the manufactured "starcrossed lovers" angle. Now, I have my fair share of fantasy/sci-fi shows and movies that I enjoy; in some I'm one of those swoony, squealing shippers (X-Files, Buffy, Avatar: The Last Airbender) and in others I watch mainly for the plot and the character interactions (Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter). For this movie, I was bit indecisive. The little touches of romance had me smiling and I wavered between wanting a little more romantic drama (poor Gale watching Katniss kissing Peeta) and satisfied the kickass main story wasn't sidetracked by a love triangle (unlike a certain vampire/cardboard-cutout/werewolf story. Seriously, who would compare this to 'Twilight'??)

Now, I've seen all over the internet how book fans are complaining the movie left out several scenes but you know, that's what movies do. Even with more than 2 hours at their disposal, this movie had to tell a story that would take most people about 6 hours to read, minimum. But it left me wondering and wanting to know more. Is the book this dark and sad? What scenes did they leave out? What scenes did they change or add? Are some characters different in the book than they are in the movie?

So yeah, good movie but I look forward to reading the book which (going with my former Harry Potter experiences) I'm sure will be even better. Can't wait!
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Wishing you a Merry Happy!

I decorated a mini tree as a tribute to 'Community' in the holiday season and the upcoming, uncertain hiatus. I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next episode and I really hope this isn't our last season! At least I have my seasons 1 and 2 DVD sets for the show; it will take the edge of the waiting.

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Happy holidays to all whether you're a Greendale Human Being or not!
Sam Winchester Supernatural smile

Finally! My first Supernatural post!

And it's because of my participation in a little fanfic/fanart challenge.

Okay, so I kinda crack ship Castiel and Sam. I don't really ship anyone on the show (least of all slash) but there's something about Castiel and Sam that really tickles my something or other... I think part of it is how fun and goofy the actors are and how they play serious roles, plus they don't seem to get much screen time together and poor Sam doesn't get any kudos from the angelic side of the continual apocalypses. I friendship and crackship them so I looked into what the LJ SPN fans call a "bang" which is basically a fanfic and possibly fanart writing challenge (they have something call a "bigbang" for gigantic multi-chapter fics! I've yet to check them out but I will sometime soon, hopefully.)

Well, I couldn't go for something huge like a bigbang but I saw this "sassy minibang" and the name just made me grin plus it was Sam related and I'm such a Sam fangirl so I said to myself I had to participate in this; especially since the Sam/Castiel pairing is so underrepresented and I may have said in some post way back when that I'm all about the underdog ships.

The Sassy minibang is located here and I entered as an artist, making sure to pick the most gen story I could (there was maybe two others that were a bit more general and friendly but they were taken quick! But if they weren't taken I would've never got to meet and work with my wonderful writing partner, whose story my fanart accompanies.) Said writing partner is theblackrose16 and it was such a blast working with her (she actually made me a Gabriel fan all over again!)

So yeah, any SPN fans reading this, go check out the Sassy minibang and if possible, I would love suggestions for other fanfic/art challenges in the Supernatural fandom (though I should probably mention that I would strongly prefer a general challenge, not ship specific like Sam/Dean and especially not fics with the real actors or as I understand it "RPF". Thank you.) Also, any comments on my fanart is total sugar plum grade sweetness!

Without further rambling on, this is the main banner I made:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Thankful that at least Community wasn't on FOX...

Though that's as much credit as I'll extend NBC. Not since the Conan debacle have I been so pissed at the peacock network. 'Community' has never been a huge ratings machine like 'Glee' or 'The Big Bang Theory' (shows it has/is competing with) but to be taken off mid-season when boringness like Whitney continues to air there? Wow. That has to be an insult to the comedy gods. Or at least the gods of originality and good taste.

This reminds me of FOX's handling of 'Arrested Development' which coincidentally also made some news for finally having a set platform to air a mini-season that will precede a movie (another thing I'm thankful for. Good news couldn't have come at a better time!)

I wanted to get this out yesterday but I spent pretty much the greater part of Thanksgiving trying to color and touch up my tribute to Community; fanart style. I got the idea about two weeks ago after re-watching one of my favorite episodes, 'Paradigms of Memory' - specifically the little cartoon at the end. I'm particularly proud of this piece and I hope others are too. I really wanna get this out there since I worked so hard on it.

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11/11/11 (The calender is number 1 ‒ twice in each line!)

It's two minutes after midnight making me technically incorrect but damn it, I'm still posting this!

Not since January have I felt so needlessly amused about the same numbers coming together in a row when written for the calendar. And that's written in European time (with Day/Month/Year) as well as American time (with Month/Day/Year).

I've checked what I wrote the previous time there were many ones in a row and it was my New Year's resolution. Wow. Well since it's near the end of the year, let's see how far I've gotten:

- Post once a month?
I was doing real well for the first half of the year. Then the school months started rolling in and I just dropped the ball. And I don't even go to school anymore so I don't have that as an excuse. It was just sheer procrastinating laziness and blah. I swear, as soon as I figure out what niche this would cover, I'll be good (I do episode comments on a specific, general forum site and I post my fanfics on a specific, general fanfiction site. I've been thinking of getting a tumblr to post my fanarts.)

- Add to my friends' list?
I know I've added at least one LJ community as a "friend" recently. Hmm, I don't think I've added individual users but when I rarely visit this LJ, it's to be expected. A lot of journals with considerable comments seem to offer something interesting like fanfic or fanart or actually fun episode/movie commentary. But as I said in the previous question I kind of do that on other sites so... I'll have to work on this.

- Graphically/artistically improve this LJ?
I actually *did* do this! And much sooner than I expected. Instead of the regular default, I went to the pre-picked examples and got me this cheery peachy/orange theme. I think I'd have to have a paid account or something if I want something in the header but I'm still not 100% sure (the FAQ's aren't clear on that.) If anyone reads this and knows for sure, let this poor soul know!

In any case, hopefully everyone enjoyed 11/11/11 day. I'm surprised other people on the news were excited and curious about this number pattern. Not since June 6th, 2006 have people put so much unneeded superstition on a date. I can't wait until December 12th next year; especially since we're due for some Mayan level apocalyptic frenzy.
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I Want To Believe in the Day After Halloween...

I fail at at sticking to plans. I just want to get that out of the way.

Okay, so the previous year I did something for Halloween to post on my LJ (a drawing merging my two favorite fandoms: 'Supernatural' and The X-Files'). I was all set to make it an annual thing, whether a drawing or some Photoshop manipulation or something fun and spooky and related to one of my favorite fandoms. I had an idea of doing something for 'Community', mainly drawing them all cartoony in their previous costumes (Britta would've made the most adorable cartoony dragon turtle ever!) Then as the days went by and I did some other stuff, I was thinking how difficult drawing all 8 characters (Yes, I'm including Chang) might be and I'm nothing if not unproperly motivated when I don't have to be.

So then I'm thinking, I'm very good at long summaries and recap/analysis things (even if not a lot of people read them) and it comes more naturally to me, so maybe I can watch a classic horror movie and offer my thoughts on it. Maybe even do some riffing and snarky comments on it like MST3K. (I've done it before, just nothing posted on this site.) Problem is I don't actually own any of the horror movies I usually like to see and the ones airing on TV didn't really catch my interest.

As the last Thursday of the month came and went (and I enjoyed a terrific Halloween episode of Community!), I remembered that 'Supernatural' was gonna air on Friday and if there's a show that's the most Halloween in tone, it would be 'Supernatural' and it would finally solve my dilemma of when to start talking about it... but then after a terrific beginning and middle, 'Supernatural' threw me an annoying ending that just got me off my happy mood. I want my holiday posts to be happy and not rant-filled (but really, after much though, 90% of the episode was terrific and it was mostly just the last 10% that irked me so I guess the ranting would've been minimal if I gave myself some time to cool down.)

All in all, I had nothing specific to post for Halloween yesterday. I just went to my local Halloween costume parade before coming back and eating a bunch of fun-sized chocolates. But today I remember something I did a few years back for the X-Files fans I posted with. And since last year my Halloween post was X-Files themed, there's no reason this year it shouldn't be either. Repetitive and redundant? Maybe. Halloween-related and at least something? Yes.

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Harping on Harper's Island (Or Why I Suck At Sticking to Goals)

Wow. How long has it been? One month? Two? Let's look at the most recent post... and WOW! My last post was in June? It's October now. The first of, when I started writing this. And honestly, this kind of horror miniseries would've been best for the October month what with Halloween and all. I guess this goes to show that I would not be cut out for weekly review type things. Maybe it was the lack of feedback. Or probably my epic procrastination skillz. Yeah.

Okay, I want to get this done and out of the way because new seasons of shows have begun and I am ready to use this LJ thing for show discussions. Maybe post some more fanart or possibly fanfics (even though I have a account). Whatever I do, I can't start doing it until I finish Harper's Island. It's gonna bother me if I don't wrap up my recap thing so we're going through the last five episodes really quick in one post. Final thoughts and everything will be here. Many things will be left out but if you're interested, check out the show to see what I missed. You (hopefully) won't regret it.

** Spoilers beyond here for anyone who hasn't watched this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious horror miniseries. Seriously, you should know that by now. **

'Seep' & 'Snap'

Let's run down the list of who gets killed because they're finally getting down to the likeable characters. Okay, maybe not in the first episode ('Seep') of these two. One of the bridesmaids bites it, then the cheating stepmother gets stabbed while she's in her chair and I say good riddance. She liked sleeping around, well enjoy the Big Sleep, sister. Now, in the second of these two episodes ('Snap') a bunch of people die who are not in the wedding party I think, except for one (including two officers from the mainland which shouldn't count because they're not even in the main cast so why should I care if they die? Because it pads out the last few episodes and makes the killer seem extra menacing? *pffft* Nuts to that.) What is important is that Abby's daddy dies in this episode! Sheriff Mills! Oh God, I loved you, Sheriff Mills! Especially since you go on to play the gruff father figure in Supernatural. He does manage to save his daughter and get some lovely, fatherly words out there before she sees him die. First her mom, then her dad. Poor Abby is going to have a phobia of rope and the game of hangman by the time this series is through.

I mentioned something about a man in the shadows previously but it turns out to be Henry. Of course if you've seen this show or read my recaps/summaries you'd recognize that it's a double subversion or whatever because it turns out Abby *should've* been afraid of Henry. But more on that later. Suffice to say the little girl is finally found but not before the guests split up and continue to stumble around looking through mysterious doors in the dark. Also that Shane guy busted out of jail and finds them somehow but he's cleared of the murders because, well, he's been in jail for the last couple of ones. Doesn't clear him from being an ass, though. I recall they lose one of their group members during the house search so they had to juggle looking for the little girl and the group member who goes missing. They only find the little girl. Sadness was had by all. The mother doesn't seem to care that the little girl was having fun playing bizarrro hide and seek with her kidnapper. Or at least that's what it seemed like to me. I'm having a surprisingly hard time remembering the details.

Also, at one point I'm fairly sure they all decide to get the hell out of the house and take shelter in a bar. British Boy Cal gets shot on a driving errand and it almost seems like Sully's gonna ditch him (again!) but then he doesn't which is quite the relief. Near the end of 'Snap' they do actually try to get to the docks (hopefully at least one of them knows how to hot wire a boat) but there's an explosion. Actually, I think Jimmy was caught in the dock explosion which did shock me the first time around. Don't worry people, Jimmy survives. He's just that manly. So that ends 'Snap'.

'Splash' 'Gasp' & (Thank Goodness!) 'Sigh'

Death toll in some semblance of order: the first of these three episodes has another bridesmaid shimmying up to that wedding reception in the sky. Shane the drunken idiot is finally killed off (justice is belated on this horrible island). And poor British sweetheart Cal survives his previous injury but gets killed personally by Wakefield and tossed over a bridge. His fiance decides to be more noble than her ditzy character suggested and she jumps after him, choosing to die with her guy than face the killer that previously thrilled'er... (I feel like that rhyme would work better spoken than typed.) The only black guy on the show (one of Henry's groomsmen) managed to make it to the second-to-last episode so I have to congratulate CBS for that, I suppose. Plus he got equal death billing with Trish, the "ready to get married again" bride who gets stabbed by her own fiance in her wedding gown. It's poetic if not maudlin.

Last episode has Henry killing his best friend Sully (meh) and implying he was jealous of the guy because he hit on his fiance even though Henry had a major crush on Abby, with all it's incestuous undertones. Oh, um, by the way, Wakefield turns out to be Abby's real father. So when I said in a previous post that he "knew" her mom, it's in the biblical sense. Just so it's clear: the original island killer Wakefield is Abby's dad and he's also Henry's dad (Henry was apparently adopted but I forget if his now-dead brother is related to him or not). So Henry has a crush on his half-sister (though he didn't realize they were related until way late in the game). This is some good Jerry Springer fodder right here.

Oh, and the little girl and her mom manage to escape on a dingy of some kind with the little poodle dog the late Sheriff Mills saved. CBS approves of fictional murder unless it's little girls, their moms, or tiny dogs. Try and guess which of those three I'm most glad survived. By the way, the whole catalyst to Henry's love/obsession and subsequent team-up with his killer daddy was because (and I'm not kidding) he felt betrayed that he was lied to about his parentage. Also, when they were kids, Little!Abby whispered into lonely Little!Henry's ear that she wished they could be alone and together forever on Harper's Island. I feel like half of his motives don't make any sense. And it's not the "taking a childish promise seriously" part. Wow.

In any case, this sweet little ball of cuckoo bananas saves the best kill for last by double crossing his own daddy dreariest because the original island killer wanted him to kill Abby. If that doesn't say "love", then you are a far saner person than Henry. Good for you. Now the only ones left on the island are All About Abby Mills, Dreamy Fisherman Jimmy Mance, and Crazy Killer Henry Dunn (or should I say, "done for"? Because he is.)

Like all good horror movies that try to shock by killing off sympathetic characters but don't have the chutzpah to kill off kids and puppies, the leading lady must survive, preferably with her beloved intact. Unfortunately for Henry he is not the beloved thus Abby runs away with Jimmy via boat after she kills Henry. He dies reaffirming his love for Abby, I think, and probably regretting the extremely convoluted plan he concocted. I mean seriously, who goes through the trouble of seducing a rich boat-owning patron, proposing to her, convincing her family and friends (plus *his* friends) to attend a creepy island wedding, then kills them all off while in cahoots with his not-actually-dead serial killer daddy? All of this with the end game of winning over his childhood friend because he took a little kid promise Abby most likely forgot, way too seriously? It's either someone who REALLY overestimated the romantic-ness of Stockholm Syndrome or someone who's taken "crazy in love" to a whole other level. I feel like confessing his feelings in Harper High would've proved a bit less messy. If she breaks his heart with the "I don't want to ruin our friendship" speech, then he may have grounds to go on a murder spree.

In any case, the show was pretty darn great overall. They killed off some people I liked and they killed off some people I didn't like. They killed off a whole lot of people I didn't really care about or even know. I suppose letting Abby and Jimmy survive almost makes up for letting the creepy girl and her horrid mother survive. Maybe let those two chicks live with the guilt. Am I being entirely too harsh on them? Perhaps. But that's the way the sand dunes crumble.

Hopefully next time around, I'll post about something more current. Like Community! Or How I Met Your Mother! Or Supernatural! That last one would be great for October because it really knows how to keep me on the edge of my seat when they're not breaking my heart with the angst. Plus, like I mentioned before, the actor who played Abby's dad (Jim Beaver!) is in it. I just hope this recent episode did not kill him off like his HI character. To the handful of readers who haven't seen the second episode of season 7, well I did warn you there would be spoilers. What's a handful of a handful, anyway? Like two people? Post a comment and I'll send you personalized apologies. Maybe photoshop you some shirtless Sam and Dean or something.
Abby Mills Harper's Island

Harper's Island re-watch: 'Thrack, Splat, Sizzle' & 'Gurgle'

My weekly postings have been lagging but the Harper's Island episodes on Monday on the Chiller channel have been airing frequently and repetitively so I haven't missed any episodes yet. Next two, order up!

** Light Spoilers beyond here for anyone who hasn't watched this bangin' horror miniseries yet. **

Previously, it was not fun times for rich snobby daddies since both the bride's dad and the creepy little girl's dad got totally run through with pointy objects. The murder of Papa Wellington is the only one everyone knows about since it happened right before the guests' eyes and they don't seem to care about the dwindling number of guests as every episode comes and goes. In any case, the bride is all somber and mopey and the wedding is called off meaning the guests are ready to leave the evil island of evilness.

Jimmy and Abby still manage to make lemonade out of these murder lemons by sharing a sweet and sad moment that segues into a flashback, back when Abby was still living on the island and dating Jimmy (and in fact there are several Jimmy/Abby flashback scenes throughout the 'Thrack, Splat, Sizzle' episode. Did I mention how much that title amuses me?) Oh, and you can tell they're young high schoolers because Abby has a ponytail and Jimmy is clean shaven. Yeah. Very convincing, Hollywood.

Meanwhile, in non-flashback land, evidence points to Henry's brother, JD, being the killer and an all out manhunt begins with Henry joining the sheriff and providing a bit of his own backstory (too bad he and his brother don't get their own flashbacks). At least I can enjoy my two favorite male characters on screen together having a conversation. Now for the other end of the "male bonding" spectrum: the other groomsmen finally find out about their friend, Booth's, accidental death and the money that their token fat guy friend hid in his bag. They get angry at him and declare they're going to tell the sheriff everything. The fat guy burns the money in a giant, totally not-safe incinerator and I'd say that he's back to square one with his financial problems except that he gets killed at the end of this episode. The plumper ones always take longer to cook, killer guy.

Abby tries to comfort poor non-bride Trish and they bond over their murdered parents. An old deputy we've never heard of until the fairy of convenience needed him sneaks up on Abby looking all scarred and spooky. He claims her dad isn't as truthful as he seems and more flashbacks show how she stumbled upon her dead mother's body then got coldly sent away to the mainland by her daddy. Also, apparently, the old murderer Wakefield knew Abby's mother back in the day. Also, the man hunters finally find JD with Henry delivering a cool flying tackle. JD of course insists he's innocent.

Wallowing Won't-Wed Trish reveals she indirectly blames Henry for her father's death (will she still feel that way when they find out JD is so obviously innocent?) If I didn't dislike her and her stupid little family so much I'd almost feel sympathetic. The first of these two episodes ends with Abby trying to get Trishy-poo to rethink the whole not-getting-married-to-Henry thing because, hey, she won't be getting a refund on that wedding dress no matter what happened to her daddy. That scene was followed by the much more preferable and non-grating scene between Abby and Jimmy where she thanks him for saving her life back when they were young lovaaahhhs (via one of the many flashbacks) and then they pretty much make-up and make-out. D'aawww... they're much sweeter together than Trash, er, Trish and Henry.

But of course, that creepy little girl has to ruin the moment and screw up everyone's chances of escaping alive by getting her stupid ass kidnapped. And it wouldn't have happened if her aimless, moronic mother was actually keeping an eye on her. Am I being irrationally angry? Perhaps but it's just my remembering how this ends and how much these two annoying females get away with. Blegh. Speaking of people I don't necessarily want to see, looky who we have still in jail. Crazy ole' Shane will be sharing a cell with suspected murderer JD. Too bad it doesn't last long since there's some sudden power outage and the only guard on duty gets shot allowing JD to escape. Buh-bye Shane.

Much of 'Gurgle' revolves around the wedding party splitting up and looking for Madison. She's not in the basement or the kitchen freezer or the lake. They do however manage to find the body of Madison's dad (ruling him out as a potential kidnapper). The girl finally calls Abby 20 minutes into the episode to give some half-hearted message about everyone staying on the island lest they endanger poor wittle Madison's life. I'd sooner stay to save that shivery little poodle dog the sheriff found (I believe that dog belonged to one of the bridesmaids who got burned up many episodes back.) Oh, and lest I forget, my poor old sheriff got caught in a forest booby trap and spends about half the episode struggling in the woods before being rescued by his scarred deputy who makes his second and, I believe, last appearance. Now the creators are just stalling by killing off people they just introduced.

Back at the large hotel where the non-wedding was to take place, Groomsman Sully makes an understandable case for leaving the island (how do they know creepy girl isn't playing one of her creepy games? She didn't even sound scared over the phone.) The Single Sadsack Trish slaps Sully and if I were him I'd just sneak off the island when they all slept. I suppose arming himself and a few of the other men with the island hotel's emergency shotguns on the off chance he'll "accidentally" shoot one of the Wellington women is a reasonable revenge alternative. It would be especially believable once the power gets cut off and sends the second half of the episode into X-Files/Supernatural level darkness. Why do horror/sci-fi/mystery shows have terrible lighting? You'd think the protagonists would start carrying flashlights and avoiding dark, moonlight strolls where the boogie men are just itching to jump out.

The injured sheriff isn't safe in his deputy's cabin, not because the facially disfigured deputy is hell bent on plausible revenge, but because some archer has gone night shooting and starts using the cabin as target practice. Luckily Abby finds the cabin and saves her dad but not the Phantom of the Harper-a. Oh hey, looks like Sully and a few others are taking my idea of sneaking away in a stolen boat while the Wellington women are all distracted. But Chloe and Cal chicken out at the last minute and see JD the escapee. Abby's crew end up at the same place and it's Abby's knack for finding things that leads her to the black sheep JD, who's been gutted like a, well, sheep, I guess. Looks like our best suspect is bleeding out in front of a traumatized Abby. And there's also a man in the shadows behind her. Uh oh.

Now that wraps up my little summary recap thing I seem to have going but I want to address something a little different.

Okay, so, I've seen a trailer for Katie Cassidy's most recent movie role, some little mistaken identity teeny bopper affair alongside a Disney tween-turned-jailbait and one of the Gossip Girls. I'm not saying it annoys me that Katie's doing so well (I'm sure the actress is a nice person even if the characters I've seen her play so far really piss me off), I just wish the similarly-surnamed Elaine Cassidy (the pretty actress playing Abby) had more mainstream/major movie or TV roles. The only recognizable movie I see she's been in was 'The Others' and I remember seeing that movie about a year ago and I cannot remember seeing Elaine in it so you know her role was small. (Or my crappy memory is acting up again.)

That's it. It would be a dream if Elaine had a role on Supernatural. Bizarre reunion with her sheriff daddy! I could totally ship her with Sam or Dean. Unless they decide to slut her up. But even so she looks so sweet, the writers could probably make her bitchslap Castiel and knee Bobby in the jewels and she'd still have my love. Though to be fair I'm thinking Castiel needs a good bitchslapping after what he's done. I keep saying I'm gonna post my thoughts on Supernatural's recent season here but I keep putting it off! I guess I can find some comfort in knowing fans overseas are probably still not done with season 6, and for all I know I may have some international readers. Or reader. Very bored reader who googled Greek mythology and maybe Harper's Bazaar or something. Hmm.
Abby Mills Harper's Island

Harper's Island re-watch: 'Thwack' & 'Sploosh'

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fiiiine...

I've been playing that song on a loop for a while now. At first I played it and other similar because I've heard about the end of that whole "end-of-the-world" prediction a few days back. Then I just grew to like the songs and kept listening to them every so often. In any case, in case it isn't apparent, I'm pretty sure I'm still here along with anyone else who's reading this. Unless this is purgatory or I've been left behind. If so, I'll keep a look out for the Winchesters and some rogue angels. (BTW, I've been meaning to start posting some thoughts on 'Supernatural' and I've decided I'll do so after I finish with 'Harper's Island'. Not straight after but some time after. It should be a nice segue considering how many 'Supernatural' actors are on this mini-series. Special note: I haven't seen the season finale yet but I hear it's a particularly tough one so I might be busting out the "ranting" tag next time around. Here's hoping not.)

** Light Spoilers beyond here for anyone who hasn't watched this crazy cool horror miniseries yet. **

First off, we see some cute Abby nervousness the Big Night After at Jimmy's house. And of course her dad comes to visit Jimmy and sees her answer his door while Jimmy's all shirtless in the background, all chipper and happy as most men would be after sleeping with the long lost love. But for all it's initial and potential awkwardness, Sheriff Mills was surprisingly understanding about her little tryst with Jimmy. In fact, he seems to be good friends with the edvishly handsome fisherman. Even though the ole' sheriff hated Jimmy when he was dating his daughter, nowadays they get along swimmingly (if you'll pardon my vague pun). Honestly, thr whole scene with Abby, her daddy, and Jimmy was the sweetest, cutest part of the this set of episodes. When the three had breakfast it was just so family-like. But we all know how long that lasts in these suspense-dramas.

Now for another family bonding moment; daddy-daughter bicycling through the island woods. I could make several little remarks about them needing the tandem bike part and matching fanny packs to be complete or or why did they bring bicycles to an island wedding? (If they bought them simply for the little outing... wow. Just wow.) But the Wellingtons' little riding adventure did seem kind of nice. It almost made them seem normal. And then they get attacked by a booby-trapped log on a rope. That's what you get for riding around the island woods. Idiots. (BTW, Papa wellington doesn't trust Henry because of a "gut instinct"? It seemed really petty when I first saw it but knowing what I know now, it was surprising foreshadowing. Also, she finally told her dad that his current, younger wife (Catherine) was cheating on him with the brother-in-law.)

The creepy little girl finally makes a friend in Henry's black sheep brother due to her notice of his creepy emo tattoos and his childish yet accurate response of calling her creepy. And of course they bond by causing much trouble because even negative attention is still attention. These two need healthy influences and normal friends. And keeping them away from fire crackers wouldn't hurt either. Hell, ban them from anything with the word "fire" in the title. I'm looking at you fiery hot sauce and Billy Joel's hit 'We Didn't Start the Fire'. (Another song I was listening to several times over the past week.)

Now for the murder mystery part of the show: Abby discovers her daddy's shrine to a new Wakefield copycat murderer... except it might not be a copycat because maybe the original murderer was never killed by the sheriff. At this point I'm thinking we need a CSI: Harper's Island, stat. Goodness knows the police force could use the help since they *finally* find out that the reverend is missing (I believe he was killed in the second episode) and pull out his dismembered body parts from the ocean. Papa Wellington finally dies and it's at the end of the episode, at the end of the wedding rehearsal to really make a splash. Or should I say "sploosh"? Because the episode following "Thwack" is titled 'Sploosh'? Geddit? Huh? Huh? Yeah, yeah I won't quit my day job.

We got some good slow mo at the beginning of 'Sploosh'. They even manage to have a few seconds of the body in all it's cleaved, bloody gore. And of course the black sheep brother J.D is the new suspicious guy. Even though he was almost killed by Shane a few episodes before. J.D of course believes if was John Wakefield come back to start his killing spree anew. Abby shows the Dun brothers that her sheriff daddy has a Wakefield board and maybe didn't really kill him but then the sheriff shows up and tries to convince him it's just a copycat and some misfortunes and hey, look over there! *woosh*

Just wanted to note that the lighthearted portion of the sixth episode, I suppose, was filled with Cal and Chloe shenanigans. Chloe got her engagement ring back in some "hilarious" way after Cal failed to do so. See, some local found the ring in the sea after Chloe threw his pants or something into the ocean and, you know what, I can't even be bothered to go into it. The events happened in I think episode 2 and I didn't include it because Chloe did a bitchy thing to Cal and as I've said, I'm not a Cal/Chloe shipper unlike a surprising amount of people if Youtube fan videos are any indication. Anyway, apparently they were off sailing or something which is why they haven't been onscreen lately. Boy were their faces red when they found out all the crazy killings they've been missing!

To conclude, Abby and Henry dig John Wakefield's grave to see if his body really is in there and they do find a skeleton but any hobo could've been dropped in there to trick potential grave robbers and weird murderer groupies like Chloe. Speaking of other people I don't particularly care for; Creepy Girl's cheating bastard daddy got killed off at the end. He got harpooned in the dark right near his daughter's window to be precise. I'd like to personally thank the killer for that one. Or the clumsy, drunk harpooner who was stumbling in the dark. Whatever. Fingers crossed that the killer, copycat, or zombie keeps weeding out the losers and crumb bums!
Abby Mills Harper's Island

Harper's Island re-watch: Ka-blam & Bang

A bit later than my last post but still well within the time limit between now and the next time I'm suppose to post. After watching the next two episodes of 'Harper's Island' (which I do on Mondays when they show them back-to-back), I had many thoughts and grievances to post. So here they are. And once again, if you haven't watched 'Harper's Island', please check it out. And even if you haven't you can still read this if you don't mind spoilers. I try to explain myself and the basics of the episode whenever I can.

** Light Spoilers beyond here for anyone who hasn't watched this super-fly horror miniseries yet. **

Ignoring the ickiness and dickishness of the bride's family, I did manage to enjoy these two episodes because they have more sheriff screen time. (Yay, for more Sheriff Mills!) Even as an island sheriff Jim Beaver gives off his Bobby vibe which is equal parts gruffness, reservation, and folksy southern-ness mixed with underlying caring and concern which seems to come out when he's investigating poor Kelly's staged suicide or when he's with his daughter. (It's the same sort of gruff caring his aforementioned character "Bobby" has in 'Supernatural' when he gets mad at the Winchesters but it's only because he cares so much about them and doesn't like the boys to risk their necks like a bunch of "idjits"! ☺) Abby's coldness for her sheriff daddy is a bit sad but we're starting to get the picture as the series goes on.

For as much as islanders Abby and Henry have concerned father figures, that's how much the bride's own father is self-involved. I think that says something about Abby and Henry who are nice middle class kids from an island (and maybe Jimmy should be included here but we don't ever meet his parents). Especially when compared to the well-off Wellingtons (yeah, the name pretty much says it all.) On the bride's side of the family, we've got a father who hired his daughter's rich ex-boyfriend to come sabotage the wedding by trying to "win back" Trish (and I know I said he's unconcerned not two lines ago but actually I think it's only partly true; he may be concerned that his daughter won't truly be happy with a lowly island boat cleaner like Henry, but he's most definitely more concerned that she's marrying beneath her social class). But I don't want to get sidetracked as there's still more bad apples in the Wellington family tree. The bride's sister, Shea, is pretty much a crappy mom who doesn't pay attention to her creepy little daughter. But that's nothing compared to her uncaring husband cheating on her with his wife's step-mother, Papa Wellington's wife. (Or in terms non-viewers can understand: the dude is banging his step-mother-in-law! That's some Maury crap right there.) And as for the bride-to-be herself, Trish, though they don't come out and say it I think they're subtly hinting that she may have cheated on Henry in college with her ex or something. I can't remember if this was ever confirmed or denied on the show. I'll have to keep watching and see.

Taking a step away from complicated families, I continue to fawn over Cal, the totally adorable British guy whose girlfriend should be so lucky to have him instead of the other way around! Curse you Hollywood for presenting such adorable, hot guys as quiet and "nerdy", thereby getting my hopes up that I too may find someone like that in real life. *sigh* But I did enjoy how Cal's chicky-poo helped him get revenge against Sully. (The ole' tar and feather technique never gets old. Even if the tar is replaced with honey. ) Henry finds out about Trish's ex, Hunter, but doesn't confront her about it. And it would appear the serial killer John Wakefield is still alive despite the fact that Sheriff Mills told everyone he shot and killed the S.O.B. Or it could be some copy cat who's obsessed with the Wakefield murders (like how Cal's girlfriend Chloe is obsessed with Wakefield trivia or whatever but I don't suspect her because she doesn't seem to be, how do I say this... "smart enough" to pull off these new killings. Even back when I first saw the show I didn't think Chloe could be the killer. I mean, I know I should've suspected those who seem least likely but that little blonde stick? Come on.)

Someone who *did* get my attention on the "he/she could be the killer!" front was Shane. He's been a jerk to everyone for the past few episodes and if I thought a womanizing flirt like Sully didn't deserve a nice guy like Henry as a friend, you can bet crazy ole' "runs over Henry's brother and ties him up in a shed" Shane is not good enough to say a passing hello to sweet lil' Jimmy, let alone be his best friend or whatever. Seriously, I forgot how crazy and evil Shane was around this point and I don't remember if Jimmy talks to him about what the hell was going through his mind or whatever but I do remember thinking maybe Shane was the killer back then. Then I figured since we're only about 1/3 into the story, they probably wouldn't reveal the killer so soon so maybe he was some kind of accomplice. In any case, thank goodness Abby saved Henry's brother from Shane's crazy murderous hands and thank goodness the sheriff came back in the nick of time to help, choosing not to believe Shane when he played innocent. (Way to follow your gut instinct, Sheriff!)

From crazy killer wannabes to creepy may-grow-up-to-be-killers: the creepy little girl, Madison, continues to be creepy and annoying. But then her parents don't seem to care enough to supervise her so should I blame her for acting out? ... Yes. Yes I should. If you saw that scene with her sitting on the floor chanting "One by one" in that cliché, quiet, horror movie kid voice you'd know this goes beyond simple lack of discipline. That kid is totally Damien's long lost sister or something and she needs to be locked into a loony bin. Or exorcised. She's one of the reasons I don't wanna have kids. The other reason is guys like Sully who exude pure cockiness and should probably stick to blow-up dolls and strippers instead of hitting on other guys' girlfriends. But at least he's not crazy like Shane.

Winding this long summary analysis thing down: Abby causes a weird reaction in a psychic, because what bachelorette party would be complete without a psychic who senses evil in an insecure girl whose mother was killed on the island, amirite? Well I'd say the bachelor party was better but not by much and only up to the part where Henry and his groomsmen find a quarter million bucks in an abandoned boat. If I were them I totally would've taken the money but I'd have to do some serious Googling to figure out how to keep it safe in case they do belong to shady guys. (It's amazing the kind of stuff you can find on the internet.) Somewhat forgettable nice-guy Booth is the next victim and it sucks that he had to bite the bullet - somewhat literally and self-inflicted to add insult to injury. Actually, I don't think this was the first accidental death. Henry's pal, Booth, died in the fourth episode ('Bang') but the previous episode ('Ka-blam') had another accidental gun death with Trish's ex-boyfriend (who extorted money from her daddy in exchange for his silence on the whole "Trish's daddy paid her ex-boyfriend to come ruin the wedding" thing.) And Henry's uncle or whatever died falling through a rickety, moldy wooden bridge or something, didn't he? Geez, the Harper's Island murderer is kind of slacking off.

BTW, Though there was no Jimmy in the third episode, he does appear in the fourth for my additional dose of adorable hotness but with an added dose of scruffy, handyman and funniness, No wonder Abby gets with him at the end of 'Bang'. (Never has a title been more appropriate. ) Abby and Jimmy are so adorable but I also love her scenes with Henry. I can't help but think these three hung out when they were younger, Three Musketeers style. And if they didn't, they should have. Oh well.